The Christian Horse Club was founded in the 1970's by Marilyn Leupp.  She opened her home and shared her horses with young girls who have a love of horses and God.  Marilyn reluctently retired in October 2008, and the club was moved to Innisfree Farm.  Michelle, owner of Innisfree Farm, had been a member of the club from the age of 9 until she graduated from high school.  Marilyn's ministry had so deeply changed her life, that she wanted to continue this extrodinary tradition for today's youth.  The club is free and is open to boys and girls 10-18 years of age.  We meet on Friday evenings for Bible study, followed by riding time.  Everyone who wishes to ride, must attend the Bible study.
  If you are interested in coming to club, please e-mail Michelle at  

*Please remember to do the Bible study homework.  I am going to enforce the no riding rule if people do not participate!

 We will have it at 5p every Friday evening throughout the summer.   Club generally lasts 2 hours.  Anyone interested can show up any Friday that they are able to come.  Everyone needs to sign in their first time to club each year.  Please see Michelle when you arrive for your first time.  Thanks!
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